March 30, 2020 Message from NKME's Managing Director in response to COVID-19

The global situation regarding COVID-19 is evolving quickly. We are taking proactive measures to support the health and welfare of our customers, employees and the communities where we operate and serve. It’s our highest priority.

I cannot stress enough that this is a top priority for all of us at Nihon Kohden as a Global, and Nihon Kohden Middle East as a subsidiary group, We have prioritize our tasks to fulfill Nihon Kohden’s duty by providing the utmost support for our customer needs, providing safety and protection of our employees, and continuing stay connected with our customers.

NK Group is working around the clock with its NKME subsidiary task forces that are actively monitoring and supporting NK’s business on a daily basis, and working with our distributors in our MEA, and GCC region to support our customers to meet their needs, in accordance with health authority recommendations. In addition, NKME are working very hard along with our distributors to provide healthcare providers with updated clinical benefit flyers relating to the use of our products and solutions.

Nihon Kohden has implemented rules and regulation to combat COVID-19 in our work force place to ensure the safe and protection of our employees. We have also taken a measure for travel restrictions to and from effected areas. Moreover, we have implemented a ‘Home working’ Policy for most of employees whose roles can be carried out remotely. We have taken these measures according with local authorities’ guidelines to ensure the protection and safe of our employees and their families. This will ensure a safe work environment.

We remain committed to ensuring that business needs are met. We have fully supported our distributors to ensure the business as usual and provided many ways of communication to support our distributors and customers. Tools we used are online support through cloud base technology for all related documents like brochures, technical data sheets and clinical guidelines, and ensure continuum education through webinars on our products and solutions.

Our mission is to support our distributors and customers in these difficult times. I would like to thank our partners and its work force, our customers that appreciate our support and relay on us, and finally our employees who work around the clock to ensure the customers need is answered and fulfilled. Working together we can build a strong protection and safe environment for our staffs and customers.

Please stay safe.

Best regards,

Tomohiko Nasu

Managing Director