ECG-2450 New

12/15-channel ECG

Quality of diagnosis

High accuracy of analysis and noiseless technology enable better care decision-making and eliminate the need to retest.

Help better care decision-making

Nihon Kohden’s ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program has over 200 findings and 5 judgement categories with detailed analysis. ECAPS 12C can also detect Brugada-type ECG pattern.

ECG-2450 satisfies the IEC60601-2-25 standard for high accuracy signal processing, AC filtering, ECG measurement and ECG analysis. The input box eliminates noise and reduces waveform distortion. More accurate information supports better care decision-making.

Avoid redoing the test

Electrode attachment status can be checked by pressing the Question mark button. In addition to text message of detachment of electrodes, the guide informs you more details of the error.

Enhanced Safety

The National Health Service (NHS) in UK has reported about the risk of associating ECG records with the wrong patients. And in April 2014, the NHS issued a patient safety alert to reduce such risks. To reduce this risk, the ECG-2450 has an ID check function which doesn’t allow measurement to start unless the patient information and technician name are entered. This function increases safety by preventing misidentification of patients.

You can avoid redoing the test caused by electrode detachment and no input of patient information. These features provide you safety for the test.

Checking electrode attachment status

Quality of cardiac care

Innovative technology discovers invisible diseases and improve the quality of cardiac care. It supports clinicians in testing more patients by providing enhanced information.

Identify invisible ischemia

International guidelines such as AHA, ACC and ESC recommend measuring additional leads (V3R-V5R, V7-V9) for patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome.

Actual 15-lead ECG can be measured on ECG-2450 which can measure selected 3-lead in addition to 12-lead ECG.
However, additional workload or patient immobility make the additional leads absent in a routine patient care.

To make the benefits of additional leads more readily available, Nihon Kohden’s innovative synECi synthesized 18-lead ECG technology mathematically derives the waveforms of the right chest leads (V3R, V4R, V5R) and back leads (V7, V8, V9) from the standard 12-lead ECG with no additional workload and no additional electrodes. Synthesized 18-lead ECG can help you catch significant ST elevation on right ventricular or posterior wall.

Synthesized 18-lead ECG from standard 12-lead ECG

ECG screens



Identify inactive ischemia

You can count on ECG-2450 not only to measure resting ECG but also to detect arrhythmia during exercise.

Identify inactive ischemia

Identify the risk of sudden death

Recording late potentials is helpful for assessing dangerous heart rhythm which may lead to cardiac sudden death. The optional signal average ECG software can show the late potentials which are too small to be recorded by standard 12-lead ECG. Also, Nihon Kohden's ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program can detect Brugada type ECG pattern as another cause of sudden cardiac death without the optional software.

ECG-2450 can help identify the risk of sudden cardiac death by severe arrhythmia without obvious cause.

Identify the risk of sudden death

Quality of data management

Flexible data management provides seamless clinical workflow and better patient care. You can select the most suitable communication method and data management method.

Quality Data Management

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