SVM-7100 series

Vital Signs Monitor - Smart workflow to improve patient outcomes

Improving patient safety

NIBP measurement with rapidness, gentleness to patients, and reliability suitable for periodic vital sign checks.

SVM-7100series_7160_iNIBP Measurement

An onscreen guide with helpful illustrations makes it easy to operate the monitor and perform basic tasks even for first time users.

SVM-7100series_7160 Scoring

120 hours of synchronized review data Continuous monitoring
For patients in critical conditions, you can ensure the patient’s safety by monitoring continuously in continuous mode.

SVM-7100series_7160 Continuous monitoring

*iNIBP (Inflate Mode)
You can set the Inflate Mode ON or OFF. The default setting is ON. Measurement mode automatically switches to deflation method when measurement fails during inflation. With Neonate, Infant and Child cuff (2 to 7cm), deflation mode is more likely to be used because these inflation bags are too small to be used with the Inflate mode. In such case, recommend to set the Inflate Mode to OFF, so that the measurement is performed only with the deflation mode.

User-oriented workflow

On screen operation guide
Illustrated tutorial guides you in correct usage of the monitor and leads to more accurate monitoring

SVM-7100series_7160 On screen operation guide

Simple workflow
Three steps to collect patient data

Simple workflow