Life Scope PT BSM-1700 series

Smart patient monitoring – even in transit

Patient monitoring even during relocation is a prime requisite. It is a critical safety measure for a patient’s life. Life Scope PT Bedside Monitors designed with leading edge technology offer continuous monitoring of patients even during transport.

Life Scope PT is a high perception smart transport monitor from Nihon Kohden, global manufacturer of innovative products and advanced technologies. It provides complete modular flexibility with the Smart Cable System that immediately detects type of parameter and starts measuring accordingly when connected to a MULTI connector.

Flexible functionality

Life Scope PT displays multi-parameters and can take on multi-dimensional roles

  • Works as stand alone or transport monitor
  • Input unit for a Life Scope G9 ,G7, G5 series and Life Scope TR series of bedside monitors

Perfect portability

A compact, sturdy design ensuring consistent and safe monitoring as well as easy portability

  • Light weight, only 1.57 kg with battery pack
  • Consistent data flow and waveforms to central monitor after transportation

Comprehensive view

A high resolution, large 5.7-inch touch screen display for clarity

  • Tabular and graphical trends
  • Smart Cable System and three MULTI connectors for exible parameters and optimum monitoring

Long lasting

Ensures continuous monitoring with five hours battery run time; store 24 hours including full disclosure waveforms, as well as other trend data for a comprehensive review.

  • Displays comprehensive review data
  • Stores arrhythmia, ST recall files and full disclosure.

Nihon Kohden’s unique technologies contribute to increasing patient safety

Redefining quality of care with non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring:

  • esCCO (estimated continuous cardiac output) is a new technology to determine the cardiac output using Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) which is obtained from the familiar vital sign parameters, ECG and SpO2. esCCO is a very economical solution because it has no additional running costs or accessories. 

Improving patient safety in hemodynamic management:

  • iNIBP is Nihon Kohden’s unique algorithm to measure NIBP during inflation. It provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP.
  • PWTT triggered NIBP measurement increases the chance of detecting a sudden change in blood pressure. When it is set to ON, the monitor watches the hemodynamic change using PWTT, and if it exceeds the reference value determined by the alarm limit of NIBP systolic pressure for 8 seconds, NIBP is measured automatically.

Ensure quality of care during sedation:

  • A new class of ultra compact and highly durable sensors will change your image of mainstream sensors being easy to break. cap-ONE provides CO2 monitoring for both intubated and non-intubated patients.