Vismo PVM-2701

10-inch bedside monitor with onscreen operation guide


The concept of PVM-2701 is "supreme ease of use." The PVM-2701 provides a solution for hospitals that want to improve quality and streamline operation. PVM-2701 combines high accuracy and simple operation to satisfy every caregiver from expert to trainee.

  • Large (10.4-inch) high resolution color TFT LCD screen
  • 5 parameters: ECG (3 or 6 electrodes), SpO2, NIBP, impedance respiration, temperature
  • 4 waveforms (ECG x 2, SpO2, respiration)
  • Lightweight, easy to carry with handle
  • 3-hour battery operation
  • Touch panel operation allows easy and intuitive operation
  • Large data storage: Up to 120 hour trend, arrhythmia recall, alarm history and full disclosure
  • Time is synchronized across all review screens so the user can easily find the necessary data
  • Onscreen operation guide
    An onscreen operation guide makes PVM extremely easy to use. For example, if a technical alarm occurs, illustrations show you how to solve the problem. The guide also shows correct measurement of ECG, SpO2 and NIBP.

    PVM-2701 onscreen operation guide    PVM-2701 onscreen operation guide    PVM-2701 onscreen operation guide

  • Effective ECG monitoring
    • 23 types of arrhythmia detection, ST measurement and selectable QRS detection (adult, child or neonate)
  • Optional 3-channel recorder
  • Revolutionary PWTT technology
    • This monitor incorporates a new parameter, PWTT (pulse wave transit time), which can have correlation with blood pressure. The monitor continuously calculates PWTT from ECG and SpO2. During periodic NIBP measurement, if PWTT exceeds the threshold it triggers NIBP measurement. This increases the chance to detect sudden change in blood pressure between periodic NIBP measurements.

The blood pressure measuring technology in this monitor uses Nihon Kohden's patented PWTT technology (US patent no. 5564427, other patents pending).