Vismo PVM-4000 series New

Peace of mind monitoring

Responsible monitoring of patients is imperative. It is essential to disseminate patient information precisely and coherently for effective care. The VISMO series is a smart range of bedside monitors designed to include a new, unique on-screen operation guide that makes monitoring even easier by not only assessing problems but also giving illustrations and guidance on how to solve them.

Vismo series is a high precision, convenient, and simple-to-use range of bedside monitors suitable for all types of clinical settings, from Nihon Kohden, the global manufacturer of innovative products and advanced technologies.

Vismo PVM-4000 series (10.4 inch)
PVM-4000 series (10.4 inch)


Nihon Kohden’s unique technologies contribute to increasing patient safety

Redefining quality of care with non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring:

  • esCCO (estimated continuous cardiac output) is a new technology to determine the cardiac output using Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) which is obtained from the familiar vital sign parameters, ECG and SpO2. esCCO is a very economical solution because it has no additional running costs or accessories. 

Improving patient safety in hemodynamic management:

  • iNIBP is Nihon Kohden’s unique algorithm to measure NIBP during inflation. It provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP.
  • PWTT triggered NIBP measurement increases the chance of detecting a sudden change in blood pressure. When it is set to ON, the monitor watches the hemodynamic change using PWTT, and if it exceeds the reference value determined by the alarm limit of NIBP systolic pressure for 8 seconds, NIBP is measured automatically.

Ensure quality of care during sedation:

  • A new class of ultra compact and highly durable sensors will change your image of mainstream sensors being easy to break. cap-ONE provides CO2 monitoring for both intubated and non-intubated patients.

Active on-screen operation guide

When technical alarm occurs, Vismo shows an image of the points to check. The guide also shows measurement tips for each parameter.

Reduce workloads of caregivers

Do you have a situation where you have to manage multiple patients in different rooms? The interbed function will support such an environment. You can use any bedside monitor to check the patients, vital information and the alarm status of other monitors in the network, even if there is no central monitor.