Transmitters for Life Scope monitors


High quality patient care by wireless -patient is free from bed-

Compact, lightweight patient transmitters for wireless bedside monitors and wireless networks let you select the optimum parameters.

  • Channel can be changed with a QI-901PK channel writer
  • Transmission type is medical device frequency
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery warning sound
  • Call button can activate recorder and nurse call at central monitor
  • iNIBP technology is available for NIBP measurement on ZS-640P lightweight all-in-one unit
  • ZS-620P, ZS-630P, ZS-640P: 1 lead ECG measurement with 2 electrodes is available
  • ZS-620P, ZS-630P, ZS-640P: 1 ECG waveform display to check the monitoring status at the patient side

Models and Parameters

Transmits data from patient to monitor

  • ZS-620P
    Measurement parameters: ECG, Resp
  • ZS-630P
    Measurement parameters: ECG, Resp, SpO2
    Numeric data on the display: SpO2, PR
  • ZS-640P
    Measurement parameters: ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP
    Numeric data on the display: SpO2, NIBP, PR
ZS-620P ZS-620P
ECG, Resp
6 days*
1 AA (LR6) battery
ZS-630P ZS-630P
ECG, Resp, SpO2
4 days*
2 AA (LR6) batteries

ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP
2 days*
3 AA (LR6) batteries


*Battery operation time under certain conditions

Nihon Kohden Technology Inside (ZS-640P only)

iNIBP logo


Non-invasive blood pressure measurement with speed, gentleness, and reliability
iNIBP is Nihon Kohden’s unique algorithm to measure NIBP during infl ation. It provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP. YAWARA CUFF 2, Nihon Kohden’s special cuff s, prevent subcutaneous bleeding, increase patient comfort and reduce noise for more accurate measurement.
iNIBP completes the measurement faster with lower cuff  pressure.
iNIBP technology