Automated external defibrillator with LCD display


  • User-friendly onscreen operation guide
  • Two operation modes for normal use or medical professional use
    *AED mode - LCD display provides the untrained user with operation guidance and CPR instructions by illustrations and messages.
    * Semi-auto mode - LCD display shows the ECG waveform so trained medical staff can start analysis and decide when to shock.
  • Easy 3 steps operation
    1. Turn on the AED
    2. Attach the electrode pads
    3. Press the shock button
  • Daily and monthly self-test function is available for main unit, battery and pads
  • Voice guidance is compliant with AHA guidelines 2010.
  • Pads connector can check and indicate the pads condition. (Patended)
  • Adult/child mode switch can reduce the energy for child use.
  • 90 minutes rescue data can be saved and reviewed on a PC with viewer software.
  • Bluetooth® interface