Case2 Is CO2 monitoring in an incubator limited to transcutaneous gas monitoring?

An incubator in NICU has a lot of moisture and fogging, so it is difficult to monitor CO2 through a sampling tube for carbon dioxide.
Therefore transcutaneous gas monitoring has been used in an incubator.
However that has also other risk of burn injury including cutaneous vesicles.

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Can we monitor CO2 safely in an incubator?
Our CO2 technology solves these difficulties.

  • Moisture and fogging problems
  • Burn injury

Moisture and Fogging Problems

Nihon Kohden's airway adapter has an anti-fogging membrane.
cap-ONE sensor (Nihon Kohden CO2 technology) with the adapter connected is the smallest sensor on the market, the weight is only 4 grams.
The dead space of the airway adapter for neonates is only 0.5 ml. It is suitable for NICU.

Airway adaptor with anti-fogging membrane

Burn Injury

Nihon Kohden’s CO2 monitoring technology has a safe heater-less system. It could prevent burn injuries.
Besides, Nihon Kohden’s CO2 monitoring technology acquires estimating carbon dioxide through exhalation not transcutaneous monitoring. Thereby it does not need a transcutaneous gas monitoring system.

Learn more in the PDF, cap-ONE Information Vol. 1 [1.28MB/2pages].

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