Case2 Points to Keep in Mind While Recording

Is there anything to be aware of, while recording ECG?

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Depending on the model, some ECG systems can be preset to perform an automatic recording. In this case, simply press the “Start Recording” button to start recording. There is no problem if you have checked the ECG on the display before starting the recording, but there are a few points that it is necessary to be aware of after starting. If you notice any of the following situations after staring, stop the recording and start it again.

Are All Waveforms on the Display Clear?

Because the signals that are not recorded on the recording paper may also be included in measurement and analysis, make sure that all ECG signals on the display are clear.

Recording Sensitivity

While recording is made usually at the recording sensitivity of *1 (10 mm/mV), a lower sensitivity is used when the waveform is too large (otherwise waveforms would overlap). Some institutions or hospitals prefer an output containing recordings at both the lowered sensitivity and the standard sensitivity. Check the settings of ECG system beforehand.