Case1 For Safe, Precise and Reliable SpO2 Measurement

What is SpO2 measurement? What is the mechanism of SpO2 measurement with a pulse oximeter?

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The pulse oximeter is an indispensable medical device that measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) using a probe, which is simply attached to a finger. However, correct handling and attachment of the probe is extremely important for accurate measurement.

As the probe is attached directly on the patient's skin for a long time, correct attachment helps ensure the protection of the patient’s skin and safety in use.
Here, we will describe the features of the SpO2 probes of Nihon Kohden and explain the key points of patient-friendly SpO2 probe attachment.

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The Mechanism of Measuring SpO2

Because the level of the signals detected using light is very low, sufficient attention must be paid to the thickness of the measurement site on which the probe is attached and the condition of its placement. The following points should help you perform a good measurement.

The Mechanism of Measuring SpO2