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Nihon Kohden offers superior features dedicated for neonatal care.


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Treasure Every Breath
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  • Comprehensive modes and breath types
  • Invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, and high flow oxygen therapy
  • Gentle Lung® package for lung protection applications
  • Protective Control® for contagious disease and radiologic procedure applications
Nihon Kohden Orangemed
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Treasure Every Breath
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  • Seamlessly transition patients from non-invasive ventilation to high flow oxygen therapy.
  • May be used non-invasively or invasively
  • Provides ventilation for patients > 12.5 kg with tidal volumes as low as 100 mL
  • Integrated air-turbine gas source
  • Dual HEPA filtration to protect the patient and ventilator
  • Adaptive triggering to address challenges with changing patient conditions
  • Integrated SpO2 and CO2 monitoring
Nihon Kohden Orangemed
Visit the Nihon Kohden group company website for details


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Save lives with aEEG monitoring in the ICU/NICU
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  • aEEG monitoring
  • 32-channel junction box with SpO2 / ETCO2 connector

Bedside Monitor

Life Scope G5 CSM-1500 thumbnail image
Revolutionizing Relationship
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Nihon Kohden Human-Machine interface technologies integrated

  • Continuous Neuromonitoring
  • Synthesized 18-lead ECG
  • CO2 monitoring for both intubated and non-intubated patients

Central Monitor

Central Monitor CNS-6201 thumbnail image
Superior central information system for your monitoring network
Central Monitor
  • 32 patients monitoring
  • Multi-parameter full disclosure—120 hours of 16 waveforms per patient
  • ST recall of 12-lead ECG

*Some products are not available in your country. Contact Nihon Kohden representatives for details.