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Stable monitoring with less impedance

Disposable Electrodes

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Types and Features of Electrodes

The electrodes are composed of a base material, which attaches the electrode to the skin, and gel, which is used to measure ECG. Various combinations of base materials and gels are available.

image disposable electrode vitrodeL

Vitrode L

  • 35 mm diameter for adult use
  • For general ECG and 12-lead ECG monitoring
  • Less gel remains on the skin when the electrode is removed from the skin
  • Low impedance for clear waveform
  • Radiolucent
image disposable electrode vitrodeF

Vitrode F

  • For neonates and children
  • The entire attachment surface is coated with conductive and adhesive gel to reduce skin irritation
  • Contain denatonium, an unharmful bitter agent, to help prevent accidental ingestion by children
  • Radiolucent
  • Small sized packaging to prevent drying during storage
image disposable electrode vitrodeM

Vitrode M

  • Strong adhesive tape material (Foam tape)
  • Made to be difficult to peel off even if water and medical solutions get on the electrode
  • Low-noise monitoring is possible immediately after application
  • Radiolucent
image disposable electrode vitrodeV

Vitrode V

  • Conductive adhesive gel is used to reduce skin irritation
  • Good visibility due to the same color connectors and cables
  • Radiolucent
  • A bitter chemical compound is used on the electrodes to prevent accidental swallowing (V-120S3)
image disposable electrode vitrodeN

Vitrode N

  • Soft radiolucent lead wires are bundled to prevent the leads being tangled around the neonate
  • The smallest electrodes among the Vitrode series. The durable and adhesive gel hardly swells, preventing the electrodes from peeling even under humid conditions (N-01IS3)
  • Electrodes for the baby whose dermis is immature, skin-friendly adhesive gel; gentle for less skin irritation (N-03IS3)
image disposable electrode tub

Disposable Electrodes

  • Easy to use when measuring 12-lead ECG
  • Zippered bag to prevent electrodes from drying
  • Skin friendly
  • Radiolucent