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NMT Module AF-101P hero image
Ideal performance for muscle relaxation monitoring

NMT Module

NMT Module


Ideal performance for muscle relaxation monitoring

  • Visible and tangible benefits in monitoring patients
  • Enables moderate doses of muscle relaxant and antagonist
  • Helps confirm safe intubation and extubation

Ease of use

  • Hand-held controller
  • Quick installation
  • Complete patient information along with vital information can be viewed on one patient monitor screen and documentation can be viewed via our HL7 output.
  • Measurements can be obtained from any nerve or muscle.

Clinical support

  • NMT monitoring gives complete information of patient’s dosage requirement and facilitates optimal and cost effective administration of neuromuscular blocking drugs.
  • Different stimulation types includes
  1. TOF (Train-Of-Four)
  2. DBS (Double Burst Stimulation)
  3. PTC (Post tetanic count)
  4. TET (Tetanic stimulation)