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Vital Signs Monitor SVM-7100/7200 series hero image
Smart Workflow to improve patient outcomes

Vital Sign Monitors

Vital Sign Monitors

SVM-7100/7200 series

Reduce workload of caregivers

  • Fundamental parameters measured by unique sensors enable reliable & quick spot check in less than 1 minute.
  • After scanning the barcode, just measure the parameters and input assessments with the help of the intuitive software. The data will be sent to EMR automatically through Wireless LAN.
  • Tutorial function guides you to the right direction when necessary. No need to go back to the manuals.
  • iNIBP provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP.

Quick action & intervention

  • Early Warning Score lets you know changes in patient condition. You can call the doctor and start intervention immediately according to the score.
  • 20 scoring presets provide you easy and flexible monitoring anywhere in the hospital. It helps to prevent missing patients’ deterioration.

Tutorial video

thumbnail accessories and consumables

Accessories and Consumables

Human Machine Interface, which is the user interface that connects human and machine, is very important for visualizing processes inside the body. Nihon Kohden develops and produces many important accessories and consumables like sensors and electrodes.