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Revolutionizing the relationship in patient care




Smart. Safe. Secure

  • Provides access to high-demand gateway extensions and applications, all through one server.
  • Enables remote monitoring, which is important to minimize the risk of infection and to react to the patient’s deterioration rapidly.

ViTrac Remote Viewing

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  • ViTrac network server provides you with monitoring information on multiple patients, any time and any place.
  • ViTrac provides monitoring information of multiple patients on an iPhone1, iPad1, Android2 or Windows3 PC.
  • Patient data can be viewed in near real-time on an Apple1 mobile iOS4 device within the hospital network or remotely via a VPN connection.
  • Patient data includes waveforms, 12-lead ECG, full disclosure, arrhythmia and ST recall, trends and other information, just like on the bedside monitor.
  • The administrator can create multiple user accounts and control who can review which patients.

1 Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.           
2 Android is a trademark of Google LLC.           
3 Windows registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.          
4 iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco Systems, the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

Wireless Server Extension

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  • Wireless Server Extension adds capabilities that include a backfill of up to 15 minutes of data when a device reconnects to the wireless network after losing network connectivity for at least 15 seconds.

HL7 Server Extension

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  • Enables a Nihon Kohden Patient Monitoring System to transfer ADT and results messages between the Nihon Kohden Patient Monitoring System and a hospital information system.