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Revolutionizing Relationship

Life Scope G7

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CSM-1700 Series

Human Machine Interface

  • Simply connect our compact EEG module to Life Scope G7 monitors to examine up to eight channels in real time.
  • synECi18 provides the additional information for right ventricular and posterior wall from standard 12-lead ECG without additional procedure. 
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  • Stable CO2 monitoring with cap-ONE, an ultra compact and highly durable sensor.
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Efficient operation throughout the hospital

  • Flexible monitoring with a Smart Cable and MULTI socket.
  • Monitoring patients in a remote location is available with interbed function.
  • Reducing false alarms with high accurate ec1 arrhythmia analysis.
  • Review data without hiding the current vital signs.

Preventive Intervention

  • Nihon Kohden’s hemodynamics graph provides a more intuitive approach to diagnostic and therapeutic decision making in hemodynamic management, contributing to shorter length of stays and lower complications.
  • esCCO provides real-time, continuous and noninvasive cardiac output measurement alongside the familiar vital sign parameters of ECG and SpO2.
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  • iNIBP provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP.
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Holistic Care Platform

  • Life Scope G7 can send the patient vital sign data including the data from external device to the hospital information system directly or through a gateway using the HL7 protocol.
  • Using a Life Scope PT as an input box enables superior transportability. To transport the patient, just slide out the Life Scope PT. The patient information, including trend and waveforms, will be transferred to the destination monitor and central monitor to create one seamless patient record.
  • The ViTrac viewer software allows clinicians to access monitoring information on multiple patients anywhere anytime on their mobile devices.

Tutorial video

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Accessories and Consumables

Human Machine Interface, which is the user interface that connects human and machine, is very important for visualizing processes inside the body. Nihon Kohden develops and produces many important accessories and consumables like sensors and electrodes.